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Thursday, March 1, 2007

Welcome to our Blog!

Hello everyone! So, the other night Hanna and I were talking to Aaron and Jenny, and the next thing I knew - I had shamed myself by not having a blog. So, now on the path to redemption, here's our little blog!

Hanna and I thought this might be a way for people to stay in touch and up to date about what is going on in our lives. Sometimes we forget to tell you things that are happening since we can never remember who we tell what. So, perhaps this blog is the answer.
We hope you enjoy it and we should be setting up a Flickr account soon so you can see some updated pictures whenever you want. I guess the next big step is to acutally post things and keep up with this.
Know that we up here in the mountains miss you all! Hope you are doing wonderful!

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