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Sunday, March 18, 2007

This Point in My Life

Posted by Hanna

It is so exciting to think that almost two years ago I was wondering what I was going to do with my life. I had finished my degree in vocal performance at West Liberty State College, got married, and moved to Utah… all of which were somewhat not in the way I had imagined for my life but ended up far better than I could have planned for myself.

Tracy and I decided almost two years ago to move to Utah for him to go to BYU. When we got here I ended up feeling like I had no real skills for a job that I would enjoy for the next few years. I was very glad I had gotten a degree in something I am passionate about but at that same time I was discouraged that I couldn’t just get any job.

I was debating whether to go back to school for nursing or cosmetology. After touring Paul Mitchell the School for cosmetology here in Provo I was so excited about diving into the beauty industry. Fifteen months later I have successfully finished school, have become licensed, and have a great job at the salon of my choice! I can’t believe I am at this point in my life.

Paul Mitchell the School was such a wonderful experience for me. I met so many wonderful people, made great friends, learned amazing skills, stretched my creativity, and learned how to serve on a different level. The beauty industry is so much about serving and making others happy! They come to you to relax, to have you listen, and to have you make them feel good. There are so many opportunities for me in this industry and I can’t wait to see where it will take me. This really is the right place for me.

Two weeks ago I started my job at Remedez Hair Spa, an Aveda salon, in Orem, Utah. It was my number one pick of salons in the area, and I am so grateful to have landed a job there. It really seems like the perfect fit for me. I am starting out as an assistant stylist, which means that I am in training and assisting the top stylist. I will be doing this for a couple of months and then will be a full time stylist taking my own clients. A lot of salons now have you start as an assistant as a kind of transition period from school to a salon. I have already learned so much from watching and helping Danine (a master stylist at Remedez) over the past two weeks. It is fun to learn a new color line, new products, and new tricks. Danine is very talented and my time as assistant will be very beneficial to me and my career. I am excited though to take my own clients and begin using my own creativity in my everyday work! I will say, my coworkers seem very friendly and I believe I will really enjoy working there for the rest of my time in Utah.

I feel so blessed and so guided in our decisions individually and as a married couple. Tracy and I continue to realize in many ways the blessings from the Lord in our life. I am happy to be at this point in life and know that the best timing, in all things, is the Lord’s timing.

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Blogger mom said...

I love both of you so much!! I can't wait until you can write about our summer vacation on this site.

March 21, 2007 at 5:40 PM  

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