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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

Posted by Tracy

Well, it appears that the mandatory 6-month no-post-period has gone by, which means that we owe the world another update. Conveniently, Today is Easter--so we have plenty to talk about. There is also a lot going on! I will do another post tomorrow about the family's updated plans, career movements, and happenings. This post will, like the rest of the universe, revolve primarily around Sophie.

Sophie sure has grown up a lot lately; and it's understandable seeing as she turned two years old about three weeks ago! Far gone are the days of getting excited simply about new words and dance moves. These days she's spouting mini-speeches and choreographing entirely new Disney Princess Medleys. She's daily trying to master the art of manipulating her parents through rehearsed crying and "I need it" routines. And it appears she is increasingly cunning. She is daily discovering new ways of throwing increasingly crazed fits and determined to never agree with her parents. However, Sophie would argue that the terrible-two's symptoms are getting more airtime here than truly deserved, and she'd probably be right. The chaos and fits come with an opposite, and arguably more frequent, trend: Sophie can be sweeter and kinder than parents can endure dry-eyed.

Sophie (at moments) has such a gift for caring about others. If she sees that you are sad, she will immediately drop what she is doing and attend to your needs. She enjoys helping others so much and has really blossomed around others. We are pretty sure that the Nursery at Church is a huge part of this, and Sophie loves her Nursery class, classmates, and teachers. She has made many friends at church and around the neighborhood, and seems to be doing quite well with others. We think she knows that her parents will love her no matter what; which may be fueling the fits mentioned above. Regardless, Sophie is a huge blessing in our lives and we are so proud with how she is developing and learning. She can sing and recite the entire alphabet, sing several Disney princess songs, pray for all of her friends, and completed her first term of swimming lessons. Her language is amazing. Evidence? Today she was blowing bubbles outside and saw an ant, to whom she shouted, "Hello buggy! Come over here! I'm gonna blow bubbles for you now." She may have accidentally murdered the ant in a fit of compassion and excitement, but we're pretty sure that ant felt really special up until that point.

But yes: Sophie is two now, and she had quite the party to celebrate it. Hanna, in a display of motherly love I wish the whole world could have seen, was determined to make Sophie's birthday truly special. I think Hanna will be doing a post specifically about Sophie's Birthday Party soon - so I won't go into details. But there was a multitude of friends, more cake than is healthy, and more balloons than are ever necessary. It was a beautiful day and we all had a blast. Look forward to Hanna's post!

Today was a special day, too. Easter has always been a big deal, but Sophie really converted to the idea just today. Chocolate was arguably the leading factor in her recent conversion. Regardless, Sophie is now a fan of Easter. Hanna (again determined to make each and every day an adventure) made sure that Sophie had a beautiful Easter basket loaded with presents and surprises. She demanded that we let her wear her new pink tutu swimsuit, gleefully oblivious to the snow we received on Easter morning (it's supposed to be a Spring Holiday, right?).

Anyway, our day consisted of watching General Conference, Sleeping Beauty, Dying Easter eggs, and going for a walk to the park. Sophie got to make a couple eggs all by herself, and actually did a pretty decent job. Of course, in her words, hard-boiled eggs are "squishy and disgusting". But she sure didn't mind painting them! Our little family had quite a day today and it will be one we are unlikely to forget. But before I wander from the key topic of this post (Sophie, of course), let's give you a video of her discovering her basket...

It is hard to believe that Hanna and I visited Utah over five years ago when trying to decide whether to come out to BYU or not - Time sure does fly by. Anyway, I hope that everyone out there was able to enjoy a wonderful Easter Sunday! I know that we sure did.

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