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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Goodbye Junior Core, Hello MAcc

Posted by Tracy

Well, for those of you who haven't heard, I finished the BYU Accounting Junior Core on April, 23 when I took my last final. Words cannot express my relief that on that Wednesday afternoon. Unfortunately, I couldn't completely relax because I was enrolled for the Spring term (which started up shortly after that) and I was still nervous about my application to the MAcc.

The MAcc is the Masters of Accounting Program which has two different stems: Tax and Professional (audit). I applied at the end of March for the program and haven't slept well since. It is a great opportunity to continue my education, especially considering BYU's high ranking reputation in the accounting field. Well finally, on Thursday, I heard back from the School of Accountancy with good news: I will be starting the Master's Program in Fall, 2008. Things are going pretty fantastic in my little world.

So right now this is the plan: I'm going to finish my Bachelors in Mandarin Chinese, and I'll of course finish my Bachelors and Masters in Accountancy. I'm also planning on getting a Minor in Information Systems, which is a definite along with the others already mentioned. The big variable is the Middle Eastern Studies (Arabic) Minor I was hoping to get. Any extra time that I have beyond my very full plate will be spent shooting for that, but given the current tasks at hand, it is going to be a miracle if I can finish it. Graduation is still set for Summer 2010, with us heading back East at the end of Summer that year. I should be able to finish (or at least mostly finish) my CPA certification by our move back home as well.

As for the short term, things at Novell have been going great! I am learning so much and I am beginning to see how wonderful of an opportunity this job will be for me. It'll definitely jump-start my career in public accounting, which I am excited about. This Summer will be busy as well, packed with work, Spring classes, and Big Four recruiting events. Spring classes end in about a month though, so things should cool down after that.

I have some fun recruiting events coming up as well. In the beginning of June, I am heading back to Pittsburgh for a couple of days for a Leadership event with KPMG. Later that month, I am visiting Pittsburgh again for a different Leadership program with Ernst & Young. Then in late July, I will be heading to Hollywood, CA for a few days to attend KPMG's National Fast Forward Leadership Program. I have been extremely lucky to have so many opportunities with these firms, and I am very excited for this packed Summer.

So things are still busy, but I'm getting plenty of experience and having a blast! Hope everyone is enjoying the Summer and having fun.

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