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Friday, April 20, 2007

KPMG National Audit Case

Posted by Tracy

So back on January 16, 2007, I got an email from one of the masters students in the accounting program regarding a competition that KPMG was doing. Just so you know, KPMG is another of the Big Four accounting firms. The competition was going to be an advanced audit case, in which students would play the role of a preliminary audit team. This was the first year that the Firm was doing a college level competition, similar to the xTax competition that I did with PriceWaterhouseCoopers.

Since it was the first year that KPMG was doing the competition, 22 schools were invited to participate but could only sponsor one team of students. Since there would not be competition within each individual college, students were nominated by faculty to be a part of the team. Fortunately, I was recommended and was made part of the four-person team.

The competition involved 3 modules, each lasting 2 weeks, wherein the team was asked to make preliminary assessments regarding business, accounting, and audit risks of a fictional company and present reports to management. At the end of the six weeks 5 finalist teams would be announced. The great news? Our team was chosen as one of the finalists to go to compete on the national level in New York City!

Our New York trip was from April 14 – 17, 2007, and was a real blast. KPMG put us up in the Waldorf=Astoria and covered everything. I actually had my own room up in the Waldorf Towers which provided quite a nice view. Beyond competing we had some extra time to check out New York. Our team went to see Mary Poppins on Broadway, and hit some of New York’s fun restaurants. I learned a ton about KPMG as well as discovering attractive career paths in the accounting field.

Even though our team did not place first at Nationals, I had an experience that I will never forget and it only fed my ever-growing desire to enter the accounting field. I have been so very impressed with all of the Big Four accounting firms, and am excited to continue learning more about possible careers and internships with these amazing people.

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