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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Provo - Our Home in the Mountains

Posted by Hanna and Tracy

Well, we've been out here in Provo, Utah now for over a year and half and we've loved every minute of it. As hard as it was to leave family and friends behind in the East, it has been a true adventure making new friends and learning to love our new home here in the mountains. Today we went out to Utah Lake for a Sunday stroll and it really got us thinking about the time that we've spent out here.

We arrived in Utah Valley in the beginning of August, 2005 and moved into Wyview, a family housing complex for BYU students. We'll never forget Wyview as it represents our very first year as a married couple on our own. We have a ton of memories and made friendships that we hope will last forever.

Then, as Wyview was being turned into single housing, we left before the fall semester of 2006 and moved into the C&L complex just south of campus. The apartment is really nice and although it costs more, it has its own perks. I can walk to campus in three minutes, the vaulted ceilings, the dishwasher, being able to do laundry in the comfort of your own home, and more.

All in all though, Provo really has become our own little home here in the tops of the mountains. We were even talking about how hard it will be to leave this place someday (don't worry moms and dads - we will be coming back). Beyond reminding us of how much we love it here, however, our little walk this afternoon out by the lake reminded us of the beauty of this world.

So much of what we think about the world comes from the news on CNN to the newspapers and magazines we read: war, death, infidelity, pollution, hatred, misunderstanding, and how technology is making up for the shortcomings of humanity. But it is moments like our walk today out on that lake that reminds us of what a beautiful world it is that we live in. How great is our Lord God - for the beauty of His creations is awesome and they truly are endless. It is just so refreshing to spend some time pondering about the beauty of this world, and the marvel at the detail of every living thing; the magnificence of every place; and the love God has for every one of us - even as small as we are in this great world.

Anyway- we hope you enjoy some of the memories we've captured from our walk on the lake this afternoon. May God bless you and keep you always. And may your heart and mind be filled with gratitude for the beauty that surrounds us.

(Here is a small video clip of Utah Lake and Utah Valley)

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