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Thursday, May 10, 2007

So Great a Nation

Posted by Tracy

So I've been thinking recently about how amazing it is that we live in such a thriving democracy. I mean, you look around the world and the political power struggles that occur, and it really does make you grateful to live in the United States. Recently I have been watching and reading about so much of the politics that are going on in our nation right now. Usually this only frustrates me at how slow things go and how little gets done. But recently, I have been so impressed with how it all really works: That people with such different ideas can debate and discuss issues with one another. That we can resolve huge political issues without violence or war.

Now I obviously don't think our political system is perfect. I think every administration has its issues and disappoints me in different ways. But the fact that we can do all that we do the way we do it, well.... it simply impresses me. I wish the individuals participating in the system were as open-minded and fluid as the system itself is, but then again, that could be said about anything.

So whether Democrat or Republican, Independent or Non-Voter, I just think everyone can and should appreciate the amazing phenomenon of democracy. I guess I have been thinking about it all lately since the primary debates are going on. Which by the way, Anyone else think the Primaries are way more interesting than the actual Presidential debates? Maybe it's just because I have more people to pick and choose from. Who knows? But there sure a lot of cool people running, both Democrat and Republican. Tons of good ideas out there.

I thought I'd just post this to promote political awareness, regardless of whom or what you vote for. I think it is good to be actively involved. So I made a list of some good information out there about the debates. Try to watch them if possible.

Hope everyone is doing well! God Bless!

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