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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Posted by Tracy

Hi there! We sent out our little Christmas Newsletter recently, but (as hard as it is to believe in this day and age) we don't have everyone's email addresses. So I thought I'd post the newsletter here as well.

I promise I'll do better about keeping the Blog up to date and keeping you all informed as to what Hanna and I are up to. Especially now that the baby is on the way, I think Hanna's mother and my own will get that motherly rage if I don't. So, in the spirit of self-preservation: I'll do better.
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Dearest Friends and Family,
So much has happened this year, and with us living so very far away from everyone, we felt it would be appropriate to give everyone an update. It often becomes hard to remember who you’ve told what—compounded by our poor performance ‘blogging’. So, we offer this letter as penance for our lack of communication with a promise to do better in the New Year.

The year began busy and ended busier. Hanna had just finished school at Paul Mitchell at the beginning of this year, and was preparing to take her state exams. She of course passed her exams with flying colors and received her cosmetology license, beginning the search for a salon. That search ended when Hanna discovered Remedez, a Hair Salon and Spa. She began at Remedez in February as an assistant stylist. But by the end of April, Hanna was working as a full-time stylist—bringing in her own clientele and having a blast at her new profession.

Tracy was still working full-time at E. Excel International managing the Chinese customer service department, and at the same time continuing his Chinese and Arabic studies. Tracy (as odd as it seems compared to his past) had found a love for accounting and was trying to get into the Accounting Program at BYU. He decided to participate in a tax competition sponsored by PricewaterhouseCoopers and his team did wonderful, going to Nationals in Washington DC. Soon after, he was recommended by faculty to represent BYU in an auditing competition sponsored by KPMG. Again, his team performed well and he went to compete at the National level in New York City. These two experiences paved the way for an exciting entrance into the accounting program, which came as wonderful news. Tracy began the Accounting Junior Core in the fall and Hanna hasn’t seen him since… Just kidding… kind of…

Tracy left his job at E. Excel before the Junior Core began, but it wasn’t soon enough. The company moved to about 40 miles away in April, and Tracy wanted to work over the summer. With one car between them and not wanting to find a new job for the summer, Tracy rode his trusty stead (a 150cc motor scooter) to Sandy each day for work. Needless to say, Hanna (and Tracy’s mother) was excited to see that phase over with. The summer did bring some wonderful times though as we took a needed vacation to the beach with our parents in the Outer Banks. The trip was absolutely wonderful! Hanna’s dad and Tracy caught some six-inch waves on a surf board; Tracy’s dad tackled the ocean (or the ocean tackled him, we’re still not sure); and we built some pretty amazing sand sculptures with the Frazier crew. All in all, it was an unforgettable trip and we had a blast.

We took a trip to Moab and Arches during the summer to celebrate our second year anniversary. The red rock was breath-taking and Arches was an incredible experience. We stayed at a ranch in a canyon below Arches with our room opening right up into the Colorado River. We managed to get ourselves up on some horses as well and we took half a day horseback riding through the red-rock country.

Probably the biggest and most important news to report from this year is that we are expecting a Baby! Hanna told Tracy the wonderful news after getting back from their anniversary trip. But it wasn’t until November 13 (oddly the three-year anniversary of Tracy proposing to Hanna) that we found out our new little addition was a little Girl! We are so excited to become parents and still maintain that we weren’t just trying to stay in competition with our siblings—three of which are also pregnant. But we anxiously await the coming of this beautiful soul at the end of March. We feel tremendously blessed and are so very grateful that God would allow us this miracle.

We made it home to Pittsburgh and Wheeling for Thanksgiving, and it was a good thing, too - We were almost out of macaroni and cheese. The break was wonderful and we truly enjoyed being with family. Hanna also had a baby shower with her sister Nicole who is also expecting. Friends and family attended and we are so very grateful for not only the generosity of everyone, but more importantly for their friendship, support, and encouragement.

We hope everyone is enjoying their Christmas Day and Holiday Season! We sure have enjoyed ours. It is during this season that our hearts and minds are turned to the source of all our success and happiness—Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. At this time of year, it is so easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle of the gifts and wrapping paper, but it is infinitely more important that we remember and be grateful for that tiny babe of Bethlehem whose life made all things possible. For Him, and for His remarkable life and teachings, we express our gratitude, praise, and adoration. May this year and the year to come bring blessings to those we love and may we remain in the Grace of God’s Love always.

All our Love,
Tracy and Hanna



Blogger Amanda said...

We're so excited for you! I miss you guys. You sound like your doing well, get some sleep while you still can-- assuming that pregnancy has not already stopped you from sleeping. Take care! Good luck with everything! Much love, Amanda.

January 20, 2008 at 8:00 PM  

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