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Sunday, April 27, 2008

One Month Later

Posted by Tracy and Hanna

Well, it’s been over a month now since Sophie arrived and it’s hard to believe how much has happened. The 16th marked Sophie’s One Month Birthday! There’s a lot to catch everyone up on, so we’ll just dive right in.

Just so everyone knows, Sophie is doing great and growing every day. She got over her Jaundice pretty quickly and is doing wonderful now. At her two week appointment, she had already gone past her birth-weight and was a strong 7 lbs 2 oz. We think she is about 8 1/2 pounds now, but we'll find out for sure at her next appointment. She’s an extremely alert baby and loves to watch whatever you may be doing at the time. She’s especially enjoying her new swing; although perhaps not as much as we are! In other news, we think she is really trying to master her smile. She is smiling a lot more lately and seems to be a little more interactive and responsive.

We recently had some visitors stay with us and we’re already missing the company. Not long after we got home from the hospital, Tracy’s mother came to stay with us and help take care of the baby. After an eventful and unforgettable bus trip across country (something which likely merits a blog entry of its own), Mary Ann got to hold the baby for the first time; it was love at first sight. Sophie was so happy to have Nana here to hang out with. We still can’t imagine what we would have done without having Mary Ann here with us to help.

In the middle of Mary Ann’s visit, we also had a second wave of arrivals. Mary Ann’s sisters (Tracy’s aunts) came to visit—a surprise we couldn’t have even guessed at. Aunt Tina and Aunt Pat came and stayed in Provo for a couple days and again: it was so incredibly nice to have them here. Not only did we have a blast just hanging out in Provo with Sophie, but we made our way up for a day in Park City as well. It was the first time we had been to Park City and the experience was really wonderful. We think our favorite part of the entire day was the drive in or out of Park City. We went both ways; both from Salt Lake and then down through Heber, and the views were absolutely spectacular.

We were so grateful to have family in town to stay with us. It was so wonderful to hang out together and enjoy this wonderful new life that has come to stay. And it appears that the rest of the summer will be filled with visitors as well! May brings Hanna’s sisters, Nicole and Chelsea. June brings Hanna’s Parents. July brings Tracy’s sister Shayla (hopefully), with the end of the month ushering in a swarm of Farr’s staying into August. The beginning of August marks Tracy’s Great-Grandmother Vontella Farr’s 100th Birthday! His family is planning a trip to come out for the celebration.

The past few weeks and the weeks ahead have truly reminded us the joys of Family. We miss so much having family close by. We can’t wait to be able to move back East and be close to our old friends and family. In the mean time, we might be having a new recruit to the West if Tracy’s little sister, Katie, ends up at BYU! We’ll keep our fingers crossed!

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